Now is the time to set plans into motion for the 150th Indiana State Fair. You can be a part of the fair itself by entering the Open Class at the Ag/Hort department. Your garden produce, flowers, and even scare crows can be

entered for judging. The farm communinty can enter grains, hay, honey,and most any Indiana-produced commodity.

Why enter??? There are several good reasons. First, you get to show off the entry you bring to the fair. When judged there are several placings that pay prize money in each class. Second, you have bragging rights when you

win a class. Third, and most important to many who have entered through the years, it is just plain fun to participate in the Great Indiana State Fair as a competitor!

The "icing on the cake" is that for the $30 entry fee you can enter up to 250 items in the department plus you will receive six tickets to the fair (a $36 value).

Besides, when you enter your tomatoes, honey, hay, corn, peppers, onions, beans, etc. in each of their respective classes you could easily recoup the initial investment with the prize money. It’s a winning situation from the start.

Start today planning on what you would like to bring to the fair. It is easy to enter. Just go the Indiana State Fair website,, and click on the entry tab. There you will find a tab for the Open Class Entry list book as well as the online entry forms. The system will walk you through the entry process in a matter of minutes. You may want to go to your local extension office and let the agents assist you if you are a little nervous about the internet.

Sound like fun! It’s a great experience for the young and the not-so-young. So let's get started and we’ll see you at the Ag/Hort building in August for the 150th great Indiana State Fair.