Content as we may be to curl up with our favorite blanket and a good book from October through March, let the temperature creep up above 70 degrees and we who love junking’ are out the door.

Those of us here in central Indiana are strategically located with in a short drive of some of the best treasure hunting events in the country. Two of my favorites are the US 40/Old National Road Sale (May 29-June 2 running 824 miles from St Louis to Baltimore on US 40} and The Springfield Extravaganza {held May and September each year at the Springfield, Ohio Fairgrounds}.

A couple of decades of Summer road trips have taught me some invaluable lessons. Seeing as how I had to learn many of these “the hard way”.....allow me to share.

The first thing on your list should be to have your vehicle in tip top shape. Have the oil changed, fluids topped of and check the air pressure in the tires.

Both of my favorites trips are multi-day affairs and as such require overnight accommodations. My husband is a very “in the moment” kind of guy who does not believe in planning ahead. Quite obviously the other 20,000 people attending the Springfield Extravaganza do. After one night of sleeping setting up in the truck, he now makes reservations.

Many vendors and most eateries accept major charge cards as payment. But, make certain to take cash and plenty of it.

Comfort is of the essence, Since many junking adventures run from early morning till sunset you are likely to to encounter vast range of temperatures. To be comfortable all day, dress in layers. I go t-shirt, sweatshirt, Hoodie. You are probably going to walk several miles so forget about those cute little platforms and wear your best walking shoe, and bring a back up pair, just in case.

A pen and notebook will come in handy for a number of reasons. Before you go, write down the measurements of walls and spaces for furniture that you may be looking to buy. Also know the width, height and depth of the trunk or cargo space in your vehicle. My neighbor hand to borrow rope and tie a bakers rack to the top of her van because she guessed the width wrong inside the truck.

When we go to Extravaganza we like to walk the entire show before we start buying. This gives us a chance to shop for the best price. However, with a large venue like this it is very easy to get turned around. Once again your notebook will come in handy to jot down the booth number, item and asking price of things that have caught your eye. At some events there will be a visitors center offering maps....grab one!

If you are shopping for home decor fabric swatches and paint samples are worth their weight in gold. Many of us have learned the hard way that even the color white is not universal.

Bottled water, sunscreen and a small fist aid kit are a must. it is also a good idea to pack a small lunch of non perishable foods, especially if you are prone to low blood sugar.

Did you ever forgo a cart at the grocery only to buy more than you intended and end up juggling your way t the checkout? A small wagon or rolling basket can be your best friend when you are 1/2 a mile from your vehicle!

Now this last tip may sound a little far fetched, but believe me you will be glad you did it. Stick a roll of toilet paper in your carry bag. Early in the day this will not seem necessary but as the day turns into evening port-a-pots and even restaurants {especially along the US 40 route} are known to run out.

Now hit the road and let the Junking begin! Until next time...Linda

Linda Kennett is a professional liquidation consultant specializing in down-sizing for seniors and the liquidation of estates and may be reached at 317-258-7835 or