Rushville love continues to flow

Dear Editor,

Thanksgiving is a time for so many to have great family, church, and community traditions, all rich in their own way, as well as provide many fond memories. That’s the badge that Rushville holds for the children and staff of Mountain Mission School in Grundy, VA. For well over 65 years so many Rush County individuals, businesses, and churches have gathered clothing, home and school supplies, furniture, food, and other donations to further the work of Mountain Mission for tens of thousands of children and staff who have resided at our home for children through the years.

As Mountain Mission School, a home, school and church, approaches its 100th birthday of serving children of all ages who have had so many hardships placed into their lives our friends from Rushville area pull upon our campus bringing with them love and hope.

Every Thanksgiving trucks start pulling onto the campus of MMS, loaded with donations from the Rush County community. Smiles and laughter from the children greet the tired travelers as they sit down to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. After eating, we all begin unloading the Indiana trucks that have traveled through the night to put smiles on our children’s faces.

So many traditions brought by our Rushville friends flow freely—shaved ice cones, popcorn, ice cream, milk shakes, candy, piñatas, helium balloon launchings—all provided by both current and past Rush County residents.

So much love and encouragement is given freely by the Rush County citizens that work to heal scars and create great new memories for the 200+ children of MMS. In my 48 years at MMS, I have made many lasting friendships with those who have been motivated to do so much for us. The Rush County residents have shown so much generosity toward the children of Mountain Mission School, and for that we say thank you!

A rich tradition of love, you bet!

In deepest appreciation,

Ernie Hertzog, Vice President/Campus Minister, Mountain Mission School

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