Dear Editor:

I am a patient at Family Health Services in Rushville. This is a very good health facility, one of the best in my opinion – the best I have ever been to. In saying this, the doctors, nurses, office personnel, etc. treat everyone with the most and best respect and care. The whole entire staff treat you excellent each and every time they deal with you. They treat everyone special and not just like a number. I would and will refer anyone to go to FHS for them or a friend or a loved one. They are an organized and clean facility. When you happen to have a questions or call the facility the attitude always is the same – caring, kindness and helpfulness, no matter who you may deal with or speak to. They always return phone calls in a very timely manner to help assist you in your health needs and questions. This facility has different programs to help many needy families or individuals. In saying this, people with low income or no income, they can still help them. The office calls can be reduced on a sliding scale. Medications that may be needed also can be purchased there on a reduced or sliding scale. Programs offered like this at FHS are very, very valuable and a life saver to many, many people – to the unfortunate and lower income people or the ones without health insurance. This health facility has really helped me and my family and hopefully can continue with the programs that they offer and the help that the facility may need to continue these outstanding services that they offer myself, my family and the community.

I want to thank FHS and the funding programs that make these special services available. It has been a blessing to me because of my many health needs, bad health condition, office visits and various meds.

Thank you to all,

Mike Moody

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