Dear Editor:

I really have to take issue with Paul Barada's column this week.

First of all, when one makes a charge, it is up to that person to prove

it. Barada made the charge that the media has a liberal bias.

He offered no proof at all. Making a statement does not make it true.

In fact the opposite has been shown to be the fact.

All media are owned by large corporations. ABC is owned by Disney, CNN is owned by Time Warner, CBS is owned by Viacom, and NBC is

owned by General Electric. All very conservative and successful corporations.

A corporation is, by its very nature, very conservative, fiscally and

politically. One should look at what political figures they donate their

money to, and the Republican Party is given to more than the

Democratic Party by these corporations. That is a fact, something that Mr. Barada's column was totally lacking in.

Secondly, he mentioned the pictures of those who died being broadcast on ABC's program This Week. I was just wondering what is wrong with honoring those who died in the war in Iraq. If they did not do it, Barada would use that has so called evidence of liberal bias in the media. So it really is a no win situation here. With Barada they would be damned if they did and damned if they didn't.

Thirdly, his apples to oranges comparison of the war dead with traffic

accident deaths is denigrating to those who did give up their lives

in this war. They gave up their lives willingly and bravely. Why does

Barada denigrate that?

No one I know says they are going to give up their life in a traffic

accident for their country.

It does seem to be a trend these days for Republican conservatives to go out and denigrate those who are serving now, and those who have served in the past. Barada is just following in the footsteps of the Representative who last week called John Murtha of Pennsylvania a coward for even proposing a rational program for step by step withdrawal from Iraq.

Denigrating a man who served and was decorated for his service in

Vietnam is beyond the pale, but Barada did it as well by denigrating those who have died in Iraq in his column.

Jim Oberman

Jackson, Tenn.

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