Greetings, one and all, and welcome! Thanks much for joining me. There’s plenty of mail to ponder so let’s get right down to business and check in with The Roiling Hundreds!


n Don't bother with turn signals. Every person in Rush County is psychic and knows EXACTLY which way you're going to turn. Don't bother to trouble yourself over a little thing such as a turn signal. The car manufacturers put them in to take up space. Really. (Despite my best efforts I cannot understand why so many locals don’t or won’t use their turn signals. Thanks for writing. kg)

n Why hasn't the building on the N.E. corner of Seventh and Main been in the paper for being an unsafe building. It certainly appears to have a deteriorating and unsafe roof. Maybe someone should contact the same people that are tearing down the rest of this town. It would make a nice spot for another parking lot.

n Regarding truck parking: There are several graveled lots on Julian, south of Second, plus an unimproved stretch by the levee that could be turned into a parking lot in short order. I don't know who owns them, but there are a few tractors parked there now. Looks like a potential solution to me. Most of us drive personal vehicles to work and park there while we are working; maybe those lots could become the truckers' workplace parking lots.

n Kids in the park when in a crowd tend to try to impress the others in the crowd. Most of the time it results in foul mouths and bad behavior. A lot of time the kids like the dark secluded areas. It makes it easy not to be seen. Maybe some lights that are connected to motion sensors would help these kids move on. It may not be a permanent answer to the situation, but then again it may help.

n Your "Curbside Comments" about the hog confinement operations demonstrate that there really is only one thing people care about: money. Health, air quality, safe water — all are apparently expendable. I hope the prospective builders of these operations will switch gears and attempt to locate right next door to these people, who obviously won't mind if they can't open their windows, breathe, or drink the water from their well. Bigger is not always better.

n Regarding "Taxpayers benefit when child support monies are paid": Taxpayers would benefit even more if the system of no-fault divorce was not in place. Taxpayers would benefit even more if joint custody orders made it possible for custodial parents to hold a full-time job. Taxpayers would benefit even more, due to lower crime rates, etc., if visitation orders were enforced. Taxpayers would benefit even more if the silly big government programs to extract child support from people who cannot pay were nonexistent. Taxpayers would certainly benefit if private child support enforcement agencies were not taking 33 percent of the monies they recoup as a "commission." Taxpayers would benefit even more if children were shared between parents, or simply given to the parent who can and will support the children themselves. The children would benefit too.

n Regarding "Local teen looks to future with optimism, grace": Casey states that her friends and family are an inspiration to her, but Casey is truly an inspiration to us. She is truly an incredible young woman. She has not let this accident bring her down or stop her from doing anything. She always has a smile on her face and is always positive about everything. It's not a question whether Casey will walk again or not, because I know she will! Her drive and strength in everything is going to help her with everything she does in her life! Good luck in everything you do Breese! We love you! (Everything I know about or have heard regarding this young lady confirms your point. I’ll also mention several folks have submitted comments about this story to our Website and they’ve all been very positive. kg)


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Until the next time, I’ll leave you with this:

“Violence of the tongue is very real — sharper than any knife.” — Mother Teresa, missionary, 1983.

Be good. kg

Kevin L. Green is the managing editor of the Rushville Republican. Look for “Rants, Raves and Random Thoughts” on Mondays and Thursdays.

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