Dear Editor:

My name is Rick Eckel and I am the drummer for the local rock band The Bootie Coons. Normally I don’t get involved in such matters but I feel compelled to respond to the public and personal attack on my band and I.

First of all I’ll address the drunken idiot comment. Yes, I am an alcoholic, an alcoholic who has been sober seven years and nine months at this writing. I may be an idiot and I may sound like I’m drunk when I play drums. Or I may sound like I need to get drunk when I play. But a drunken idiot I am not!

I hope that little bit of information is helpful the next time you need to take my personal inventory.

Secondly, I applaud anyone who has the courage and talent to stand up in front of a large crowd and entertain them, no matter what their skill level happens to be. So please, can you help me understand why you feel led to publicly slam my bandmates and I when I don’t even know you! At the end of this letter I will give you my address and phone number. Please feel free to call me or stop by – I will be more than happy to listen to you go on and on about your talents and accomplishments as long as you want to talk about it.

Lastly, I have been playing drums for 31 years and I will continue to play as long as it brings a smile to someone’s face and helps them forget their problems, if only for a little while. I thank God every day for that privilege.

So as for you, the person that has nothing better to do than slander my bandmates and I, I’ll pray for you that the good Lord finds it in His heart to relieve you of your jealousy and hatred, which obviously makes The Bootie Coons a threat to you.

P.S. Loosen up a little – Life’s too short to walk around mad all day! God bless you, anonymous Bootie Coons hater.


Rick Eckel

1037 N. Sexton St.

Rushville IN 46173

(765) 932-3484