True happiness is a choice that you, as an individual person, have to make. It is a state of being that can only be created by you and the greatest part of it will depend on your disposition, not on your set of circumstances. Read on.

Harvest season is upon us and while area farmers are busy in the fields gathering the crops and hoping for a good yield, I find an open door to take a broad view on the meaning of the season of harvest by bringing it into the everyday lives of the general population. Although harvest does not equal happiness, it is related in that the harvest will hopefully bring some sort of fulfillment in the end. That is if you end up getting what you had hoped for in the beginning.

As the farmer has learned, harvest happiness will not necessarily come from obtaining your goals; it will most likely come from the feeling of exhilaration while chasing the goals and from the character building that is found there. The reason is that hope resides within. Yes, plain and simple, hope in itself is a form of happiness because when you have that, then you have everything within your grasp. 

You see, too many people rely on chasing rainbows to find the golden treasure at its end, but they don’t realize until they get to that end that happiness cannot be simply found and captured. It is not a material object that can be bought or sold and it cannot be given to you by the presence of someone in your life. It is something that dwells within and must be continually nurtured by hope.

Now I am not saying that you won’t be happy from receiving many things, such as a job promotion, new car, wedding proposal, and so on because these things do brighten our spirits but I am relaying the message that in the end, these things will only serve as a temporary feeling of ecstasy that shouldn’t be confused with that it means to be a happy person. An overall happy person carries an optimistic desire within their inner being and even during the darkest of times of their lives they have the power and/or strength to hope for brighter tomorrows. It doesn’t really matter if they believe tomorrow will be a better day, it only matters that they hope it will and believe it could be.

From those thoughts of hope and desire where happiness is concerned, I believe it is wise for a person to design a route of purpose for their life and strive to keep traveling on it. It’s similar to the way the farmer designs his rows, plants his seeds, and tends to it until it matures. The reason is not necessarily for reaching the end because as I stated earlier, happiness cannot simply be found and is not something that will suddenly appear before your eyes. The reason to keep moving is so that you won’t be left standing still in an unfortunate circumstance after the thrill from the above mentioned “temporary happy warm fuzzies” leave your senses.

The mind is a wonderful tool and has the power to help us overcome many perceived obstacles. As I always say and do truly believe – it all depends on how you perceive things to be and to close this article, I will use the ending line from a song made popular when Judy Garland sang them long ago. “If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why, oh why, can’t I?”

Here’s hoping that during this season and all that follow, everyone finds a way to harvest something good in their life – true happiness.

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