Rushville’s Road to Stellar has been an exciting, educational journey. We hope you have had an opportunity to learn about the city’s pursuit of a Stellar Communities Designation through the Stellar article series the past several weeks here in the Rushville Republican. Our thanks to the newspaper staff for partnering with us on this special series.

As we conclude our journey with a site visit by state officials early next week, we want to thank all of you who are interested in what a Stellar designation would do for our city, who asked questions about our various planned Stellar projects, who enjoyed the oversized nostalgic games at the Stellar Celebration at Riverside Park and who have expressed enthusiasm and support for our quest to be selected as one of two Stellar Communities for 2016.

We will be making a presentation to visiting state officials next week and want to put our best collective foot forward. So as you all do so often in taking such pride in your community, we thank you in advance for making sure the area around your homes and neighborhoods is neat and tidy.

As we have said throughout this process, regardless of the outcome of the Stellar selection process, we are prepared to move our projects forward. That said, the benefits of being designated a Stellar Community are significant, including opening up Rushville for “set aside” funds specifically earmarked for Stellar designees.

Another benefit would be partnerships with state agencies who can provide resources and funding to help us carry out Rushville’s Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), a multi-year plan produced locally that outlines projects to be completed during the Stellar Communities Designation Program period.

We can do this work on our own, one-offing each project, but a more efficient method involves being a part of Indiana’s Stellar Communities Program.

We have learned so much throughout this process and formed closer ties with helpful state officials to make our projects even stronger. We have no regrets, having left it all on the field. We are prepared to make a Stellar-worthy case next week with open hearts and determined spirits. We hope to be celebrating a huge victory with you when the two Stellar Communities are announced in mid-August during the Indiana State Fair.

Thank you for taking this journey with us,

Mayor Mike Pavey

Brian Sheehan, Director of Special Projects

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