Road to Stellar: Re-Discover

Re-imagining a Stellar Rushville led to re-investing in the community in a variety of ways by a significant number of individuals and groups. Those two major steps led to the third prong of Rushville’s pursuit of a Stellar Communities Designation: Re-Discover Rushville and all it has to offer.

So many community members, from long time neighbors to newly located homeowners, from retirees to young professionals, from City officials to new volunteers and everyone in between are ready to Re-Discover Rushville and experience the many opportunities a Stellar designation would bring to the City and the surrounding area.

While Rushville’s Stellar projects will move forward regardless, becoming a Stellar Communities Designee would provide benefits and opportunities for City leaders to accomplish Rushville’s goals much faster, creating a synergy that would build upon itself. With the State agencies involved in the Stellar program as the City’s potential partners, it’s time to Re-Imagine, Re-Invest and Re-Discover a vibrant, and thriving downtown historic Rushville, Indiana.

Stellar Projects

The Overlook at Riverside

Rushville’s signature project, this new development will allow the City to provide a “landmark” building at a key gateway entry into downtown and help activate the spaces surrounding Riverside Park into a year-round destination for community, commercial and educational activity. Located along South Main Street, The Overlook @ Riverside will use three underutilized parcels of land for new building development along with outdoor dining, programming and community activity space directly next to Riverside Park and the Live by the Levee Summer Concert Series.

Morgan Street

Improvements to the Morgan Street Corridor will provide a vital connection between the Rushville Commercial Historic District and Riverside Park, including an urban trail connection featuring enhanced sidewalks, decorative paving treatments, intersection ADA ramp upgrades, street lighting and native trees and plants. This corridor also will feature opportunities to tell stories of Rushville’s rich heritage. The Corridor will be the first segment of the planned Rushville Downtown Loop Trail and provide a direct connection to the proposed Morgan Street neighborhood trail corridor that will connect Veterans Memorial Park with the Rushville Consolidated School campuses to downtown.

Alley improvements will provide a direct off-street connection between downtown neighborhoods, the Morgan Street Corridor and the Rushville Farmers Market, creating a permanent, safe and inviting pedestrian environment while offering additional space for future expansion of the Farmers Market.

Flatrock Run Trailhead & Bike Hub

Trail users will love the planned trailhead and bike hub set to be located directly behind the Overlook @ Riverside. The trailhead will provide additional parking for park visitors, as well as ADA access to the trail. The Bike Hub will be located on the southern end of the Overlook building next to the business incubator space and the public outdoor space. Residents and visitors will have direct access to the trail through Riverside Park, the new Riverside Park Gateway Plaza and the Rushville Commercial Historic District via the Morgan Street Corridor improvements less than a quarter mile north.

Campaign Quarters

Identified as a key component in the City’s downtown revitalization strategy in both the Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Revitalization Plan, the Campaign Quarters will fulfill a long-standing need to bring new residents into downtown Rushville while providing safe and affordable housing for a rapidly growing segment of the City’s population. The project involves the renovation of two historic buildings; the Knights of Pythias and one of the City’s most iconic buildings, the former Durbin Hotel, the campaign headquarters for Wendell Willkie’s 1940 presidential campaign.

Riverside Park Gateway Plaza

With the Riverside Park Summer Concert Series being such a local and regional attraction, it is vital to provide amenities to draw people to this location on a daily basis. Increased activity in this area will help activate space on the southern end of Rushville’s Commercial Historic District, support the Overlook @ Riverside incubator and new retail businesses and restaurant proprietors. In short, it will connect Riverside Park visitors with downtown businesses.

Downtown Commercial Building Revitalization

This project is designed to help reverse the trend of decaying, unsafe historic buildings being torn down and help restore the historic, architectural and commercial integrity of the structures located in Rushville’s Commercial Historic District. Through this project, eligible structures will be stabilized through restoring facades, building roofs and building structures in critical condition to encourage and provide incentive for property and business owners to reinvest in the historic downtown.

Neighborhood Revitalization

City officials plan to use their successful Owner Occupied Rehabilitation and Blight Elimination Programs to target 20 homes within the downtown’s footprint where properties are being transitioned back to homeownership. Reinvestment in existing neighborhoods is a critical component to providing an overall housing inventory attractive to residents.

Rushville is ready to Re-Discover the essence of what it means to be Rushville Proud through the implementation of these exciting, innovative projects!

Stay tuned for next week’s article about Community Performance Indicators and how they reflect Rushville’s progress in recent years, positioning the community for its Stellar pursuit.