ZOSO concert rescheduled for Labor Day

Members of the Riverside Park Amphitheater Concert series made a good call early Saturday and rescheduled the ZOSO: the Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience concert for later in the year.

A severe storm was expected and board members made the difficult decision and announced the decision shortly after noon Saturday.

The concert was rescheduled for Labor Day, Sept. 2, with opening act The Henthorn LLC also on the bill. The concert will also serve as a fundraising event for More For Kids, a local mentoring group for area youth.

According to the band’s website (www.zosoontour.com), ZOSO – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience formed in 1995 to perform the most accurate and captivating Led Zeppelin live show since the real thing.

For ZOSO, it’s much more than just being a tribute, it’s about touching a golden era in music. ZOSO embodies Page, Plant, Bonham and Jones in their spirit, tightly-wound talent and authenticity.

Each band member has been carefully selected to portray both the appearance and playing styles of their Led Zeppelin counterparts.

In 18 successful years of touring, they have perfected their art. As one of the longest tenured Zeppelin tributes, ZOSO’s 2,400 live shows around the world, including slots at major festivals such as Bonnaroo and Rib America Fest, have established them as the most traveled and successful band in the market.

ZOSO’s live shows are not about simply playing the right notes, they are about aura and feeling, harkening back to the unique atmosphere Led Zeppelin created.

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