For a number of years it has been legal for Hoosiers to operate a golf cart on city streets. As a result of House Enrolled Act 1483 that was signed in 2009 by then Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, municipalities were given the opportunity to adopt local legislation to allow the use.

As a result of local legislation passed in 2017, a number of additional requirements must be met to legally operate a golf cart within the Rushville city limits. Each cart is now required to undergo an annual inspection by the Rushville Police Department, be registered, insured and operated by a licensed operator. Additionally, they must be equipped with either factory installed seat belts on newer models or adapted after-market seat restraints on older model carts.

All golf carts are required to:

- Have a vehicle registration number.

- Have a reflective “slow moving vehicle” sign.

- Have rubber tires that are free from cracks or excessive wear.

- If gas powered, a muffler is required.

- Have a rearview mirror and/or a side mirror.

- Have a minimum of two red reflectors mounted on the rear of the cart, if the vehicle I not equipped with working tail lights.

Violators of the ordinance can be sited by law enforcement and face monetary fines.

With warmer weather expected to continue for the coming months, law enforcement personnel urge motorist and golf cart operators alike to use caution when driving on city streets as they approach alley ways and intersections.

To schedule an inspection, the RPD can be contacted from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday at (765) 932-3907.

Contact: or (765) 932 – 2222 x106.