Use CAUTION - school's out

Frank Denzler | Rushville RepublicanSoon to be graduates are pictured on the senior circle inside the main entrance of RCHS prior to leaving school for the final day of high school. What has become a tradition at RCHS, class members gather and give a senior chant prior to leaving the school one last time.

Shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday, Rush County Schools adjourned for the final time of the 2018-19 school year.

As a result in the coming days, area parks, sidewalks, streets and yards will be frequented with youngsters enjoying their summer respite from school studies.

Area law enforcement personnel want to take the time to remind motorist to use extra care and caution with driving on city streets especially when longer daylight hours and warmer weather tends to mean that more area youth will be out and about in city parks. Additionally, Waggener Community Pool is scheduled to open today meaning that more children will be on the move outside.

Roughly 2,500 local youngsters are currently out of school and a concern is that some will not have being careful and safety on their minds. Motorist should be extra cautious and watch out for children when driving.

Local law enforcement request that drivers pay particular close attention in the area of the city pool, Laughlin Park, South Veterans Memorial Park, the Rush County Fairgrounds and the area surrounding the baseball and softball fields.

Parents are asked to stress the importance of being cautions while crossing street and parking lots. Crossing streets should be done at intersections and not between blocks.

Drivers need to be aware that bicycles sitting unattended near the side of a street or near an alley usually indicates children are playing nearby.

Anytime a ball or toy rolls in to the street, it will probably be followed by a child. Posted speed limits should be reduced when children are present.

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