Janice and Greg Hartwell

Kraig Younts/Rushville Republican

Janice and Greg Hartwell are pictured inside the Tin Lizzy Coffee Co. and Boutique.

Rushville residents Janice and Greg Hartwell are opening the Tin Lizzy Coffee Co. and Boutique trailer, which they will travel with across the Midwest this summer.

They are hosting a soft opening today from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 324 E. 2nd St. in Rushville.

“We have kind of combined our love of coffee and then some of the boutique stuff with it,” Janice Hartwell said. “That’s how we ended up with this. We always visit coffee shops, just the hole in the wall type things, like the mom and pop places if we can.”

The Hartwell’s will travel to many festivals and events across the Midwest this summer to get their name into the public eye. They may also be open in Rushville a couple of times during the summer.

The Hartwell’s will serve numerous blends of coffee, real fruit smoothies and fresh, made to order Paninis. The boutique is filled with handcrafted wood and metal works.

Follow Janice Hartwell on Facebook to watch for dates when the coffee shop and boutique will be open in Rushville.

The Hartwell’s would like to thank Menno Hershberger for his friendship and efforts toward making the Tin Lizzy Coffee Co. and Boutique possible.

Look for an in-depth article about the Tin Lizzy Coffee Co. and Boutique in next week’s Tuesday edition of the Rushville Republican.

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