Three Rushville Elementary School students, Darrell Self, Taylor Hoeing and Nathan Brown, are making a difference in many of the weekly activities of the special needs class at RES.

“Darrell is here every morning long before school starts to help get the students off of the bus and get them to their classroom,” teacher Scarlett Lux said.

The three RES students collectively feel that they are getting more from the experience than those they are assisting in the classroom.

“I think it is important to keep the students entertained. I enjoy helping the kids work with puzzles,” Self said.

Darrell is a sixth-grader and this is the second year he has worked with the special needs class. “He is a valuable asset here, the kids really have taken to him,” Connie Amos, another teacher, said.

Hoeing said that she really likes kids and this was a way for her to help others.

“I was asked by one of my teachers if I would like to help during reading time to assist in the classroom and readily accepted. These kids are just regular people. They are not different than me or other students here at RES,” Hoeing said.

Nathan Brown feels that helping the students has really helped him and his own school work.

“I have found that these kids have more to teach me than I could possibly help them. They respect me and they’re teaching me to respect others as well, just as they are,” Brown said.

The three spend at least one class period a day helping with the students.

Lux and Amos agreed that the three extra sets of hands are welcomed in the classroom, although there was a little adjustment when they began helping.

“It took a few days for the little ones to feel comfortable with Nathan, Darrell and Taylor, but that was a very short transition period,” Lux said.

Lux added that it was her and Amos’ idea to enlist the older students assistance, and not an administrative decision.

When asked if they would recommend helping in the class to other students they all said they already have.

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