A swift moving storm which included nine confirmed tornadoes state wide ravaged the southern and central part of Indiana Saturday. The storm downed trees and caused damage throughout the area.

Rush County and Rushville were not spared as a number of homes, building and outlying structures were damaged.

Friends, family members and others were busy Sunday surveying the damage and cleaning up in the aftermath of the storm. Members of the National Weather Service were in Rush County Monday to survey the damage and make a determination if a tornado was responsible, although many local residents have no doubt that a funnel cloud touched down south of town shortly after 4:30 p.m.

The line of severe storms resulted the cancelation of the season’s second free outdoor concert of the year shortly after noon.

A number of eyewitness accounts reported that a funnel cloud was spotted and touched down south of Rushville near Fraley and Shilling Trucking, 1920 South SR 3. A number of trailers at the facility were toppled. A nearby wooded area had a number of trees knocked over and damaged by winds and nearby fields were still littered with debris Sunday afternoon with siding, roofing materials and other visible damage.

Another local area sustaining damage was Airport Road near U.S. 52 where trees were toppled and two homes were damaged with one home losing a backyard fence, porch and part of its roof.

The storm continued on a north easterly path and toppled trees west of Glenwood before exiting Rush County.

The Bentonville Christian Church in nearby Fayette County was destroyed and church members and others from the area were on hand Sunday morning salvaging anything from the extensively damage structure. The house of worship was built in 1884 and had withstood nearly everything Mother Nature had to offer until Saturday’s storm.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported locally as a result of the weather event, but a number of nerves were shaken.

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