Richmond Mayor attends city council meeting

Kraig Younts | Rushville RepublicanRichmond Mayor Dave Snow was in attendance at the City Council meeting Tuesday.

At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 4 the Rushville City Council held the first of its bimonthly meetings.

Richmond Mayor Dave Snow was in attendance to speak to the council about his trip to Japan with Rushville Mayor Mike Pavey and Executive Director of the Rush County Economic & Community Development Corporation John McCane. Mayor Pavey attended Richmond’s City Council meeting for the same purpose.

Mayor Pavey kicked off the meeting by introducing Mayor Snow. Then, Mayor Pavey gave his report.

Fire Chief Chuck Jenkins gave the city a permit to use the first floor of the city center, including Wolf Theater. The city will be unable to open the top floor of the city center until the elevator is operational.

Mayor Pavey said he attended two meetings regarding repairs to the roof at the police station. He said the meetings went well and discussions will continue.

Mayor Pavey said he and McCane met with officials from INTAT Precision Inc. to relay information from their Japan trip.

The two had met with INTAT’s sister company overseas. They told officials from INTAT communications were well received and the trip was fruitful.

Last week, both Mayor Pavey and Mayor Snow attended a Mayor’s Institute. Mayor Pavey presented information on the farmers market and the city’s internship program.

Then, Mayor Snow approached the podium to speak.

The mayor informed the council that he and Mayor Pavey recorded a phone presentation to receive Stellar designation. He thought the presentation was successful.

Mayor Snow said the trip to Japan went well. Unnan is Richmond’s sister city in Japan.

Richmond city officials hadn’t visited in 10 years. Mayor Snow said it was important for him to visit, since mayors before him had laid the groundwork for him to do so.

Mayor Snow was able to plant a tree next to the Unnan City Hall. He said Richmond’s relationship with the city is unique.

Mayor Snow thanked the council and took a tour of the police station with Rushville Police Chief Craig Tucker.

The city’s street scape project is well underway Mayor Pavey said. He has been happy with what workers have done.

Then, Mayor Pavey gave an update on work at the new City Center. On Tuesday, carpet was installed on the second floor.

Wolf Theatres’ projector screen hasn’t arrived yet. The theatre didn’t meet its target Dec. 5 opening date.

Mayor Pavey said the theatre may be open by next Thursday.

Next, McCane spoke to the council.

He said the Rush to Work Job Center is nearing completion. McCane and job center staff spoke to employers Wednesday asking how they would like workers to be trained.

The center will host an open house in the first few weeks of January. Those seeking employment training are welcome to attend.

Director of the Street Department Jemmy Miller gave his report.

Miller said the department has been working to repair curbs around the city. Councilman Craig Smith said he had received an email thanking Miller and the street department for their work.

Director of the Parks Department Dan Burklow gave his report. The department has changed its plans regarding tree planting at Carol Jenkins-Davis Park.

Originally the department planned to plant 21 tulip trees. An expert suggested planting three or four trees of varying species, so possible diseases or fungus won’t damage them all.

The department will start putting down straw and dormant seeding today and next week. Burklow said he and other members of the department have been helping move in furniture at the WorkOne Center and new City Center.

Fire Chief Jenkins gave his report.

He said the fire department has been testing hoses and will have to replace some lengths of hose. However, the department has to make replacements each year.

The fire department’s ambulance transfer program hasn’t been performing as the chief or council had expected. It was suggested the department either expand the program’s reach outside of the community or end it.

Fire Chief Jenkins said he would like to speak with his EMS Chief to try to expand the service. The council agreed to give the program more time.

Fire Chief Jenkins also said the department’s rescue boat is being repaired in Jeffersonville.

Director of the Rushville Animal Shelter Tabitha Cottrell gave her report.

Cottrell said she’s started working on revising animal control policies. She said many of the policies are outdated or contradict one another.

A representative from the Rushville Utility Department Butch Singleton spoke next. He asked the council to approve drilling and water testing at an untapped well.

The council approved drilling at the well.

The next meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18.