RES East hires new principal

Erin Tilley

Rushville Elementary School East (RES East) has hired Erin Tilley to be its new principal.

“I think it’s very much a community thing,” RES East principal Erin Tilley said about her approach toward being a principal. “I want to work with people and not just be somebody’s boss. I think when you get groups of people together, if everybody contributes ideas and you take the best of those ideas, you end up with something really good.”

Tilley grew up in Franklin and went on to attend Butler University. She has four sons who love to play baseball.

Education has played a significant role in Tilley’s life.

“My dad was an elementary school principal. Education was always very important to us,” Tilley said. “I’ve always been drawn to working with kids. It just seemed like a good fit.”

Tilley started her teaching career in Wayne Township where she taught for four years.

Tilley has been Assistant Principal at Clark Elementary School in Johnson County for the past four years. She spent eight years at the school, while also teaching first through fourth grade.

She taught sixth grade language arts for three years at the Clark-Pleasant Intermediate School.

Tilley received her school administrative license from the University of Indianapolis. Soon after, she became the dean of students at Clark-Pleasant Intermediate School.

Tilley is willing to support the school she serves in anyway.

“The 'it’s not my job' kind of thing is not something I’ve ever said,” Tilley added. “When you are in a leadership position, all of it is your job. You do what you have to do to make it successful.”

Tilley is eager to get to know her new students, their families and RES East's staff this upcoming school year. She wants to use her experience to enhance the good things the school has done over the years.

“I want parents to drive by this place and say gosh I’m really lucky my kid gets to go to school there,” Tilley said. “I think that is important.”

The staff at RES East has focused on introducing its students to STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum in recent years.

Clark Elementary had a STEM program, which Tilley studied and has experience with. She would like to build upon the STEM program at RES East.

“I think anytime you can open doors to opportunities like that for kids to step outside of the box and find success in a nontraditional way, I think is very important,” Tilley said. “Not every kid is a book, paper and pencil type of kid. I’m really excited they have that opportunity here.”

Tilley would like parents of RES East's students to know her door is always open to them. She strives to treat her students much like she would her own children.

“I think communication is really important. I’m an open door kind of person,” Tilley said. “If things are going well, I’d love to hear about those things. If things are not going well, I want to hear about those too and how we can together, as a team, create a positive situation. ”


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