Vandals struck the garage of the Recovery House that has been under renovation in the 400 block of North Harrison Street in Rushville. According to Prosecutor Phil Caviness, whose organization Rush AIC Recovery Housing, Inc., has been working on the house, the vandals broke out the windows and smashed holes in the structure of the garage. Caviness said that some of the windows had suffered damage before his organization obtained the house from the City of Rushville, and boards were placed to secure the openings. These boards were completely broken out in the most recent act of vandalism, and large holes were broken into the facade.

“We are working to change this house from a blighted, abandoned property into a safe, drug-free residence for participants in Rush County’s drug court program,” Caviness said. “While this is a set-back for the organization, we will continue to raise money to fix the damage and finish the project.”

Volunteers from Rush Memorial Hospital repaired and put new vinyl siding on the garage structure at the end of last year. Other community volunteers have worked on the house, including First Presbyterian Church, members of the Rush AIC team, the Rushville Police Department, electrician Kurtis Burgess, the Youth Challenge Academy, and others. Funding for the renovations has come from the CIRCLe group, Rush County Community Foundation, the Rush County Bar Association, the Local Coordinating Council, and many others.

Chief Craig Tucker of the Rushville Police Department is a board member of Rush AIC Recovery Housing, and he said the vandalism was disappointing.

According to Chief Tucker, “The damage was done from the alley between Harrison and Morgan streets, so it was in a less visible location. However, due to the amount and type of damage, it would have made substantial noise.”

Tucker plans to increase patrols in the area, and has asked that anyone who has information on the vandalism to please contact the Rushville Police Department at 932-3907.