RCHS Freshman "Commit to Graduate"

Incoming freshman at RCHS are pictured signing a “Commit to Graduate” banner following a recent gathering at the high school. The banner will hang in the main hall of the high school through their senior year.

The moment a student enters a school system whether in a pre-school setting or in a more formal learning environment such as a kindergarten, they begin a multi-year educational journey. Through diligence, hard work coupled with assistance from family members, friends and instructors, 12 to 13 years later those efforts will culminate with graduation from high school.

For many students, during their early school years, it may seem as though the education system will never end and goes on forever; while for others, they use those formative years as a means prepare for additional years of education by attending college or a trade school.

The higher the education one attains, more often than naught translates to better income opportunities and a more financial stability later in life.

Years ago, the most important transition for youth began as the young teenager entered their freshmen year of high school. Nowadays, students’ middle school and even grade school years are being ever more closely looked at as a means for entrance in to colleges or universities.

Recently, members of the 2023 graduating class (Rushville Consolidated High School freshmen) were hosted by school administrator, representatives from Jostens and local educators in the Laughlin Center for Performing Arts as means to stress the importance of obtaining an education and the commitment to graduate and earn their diploma.

The “Commit to Graduate” program is designed to address a number of issues facing the youth of today – the ever increasing dropout rate among high school age students and encourages students to set goals.

Students, parents and educators are challenged to make a concerted effort to:

• lower the dropout rate.

• encourage and enhance the student’s sense of pride both for them self and their school.

• stress the importance education has on opening future doors.

• create a support system as a means to assist the students to succeed.

• engage the community and businesses to the needs of the students.

• increase parent involvement in area schools.

At the end of the program, each member of the RCHS freshman class in attendance signed a banner that will hang in the halls of RCHS as a daily reminder of the commitment not only to graduate, but to commit to their future.

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