50 plus homes slated for work camp assistance

During the fall of 2018, Pastor Chip West of Main Street Christian Church announced that Rush County would once again host a Youth Group Workcamp Inc. this summer. With that in mind, the time is almost at hand as youth from across the country will arrive locally during July.

The youth and others will make necessary improvements to roughly 54 Rushville and Rush County homes.

It is anticipated that hundreds of campers will arrive July 7 and remain locally through July 13 to make needed repairs to the selected homes. Rush County has hosted camps four previous times: 2010, 2012, 2015 and most recently 2017. The 2017 camp realized 173 local homes seeing improvement projects completed.

The camps are organized by Group Mission Trips and are a not-for-profit interdenominational organization based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Short-term mission trips are conducted annually both domestically and internationally. Since its origin, the camps have logged in excess of 6 million hours of volunteer services.

Nearly any and all home or building improvements require permits. Each permit has a cost figure attached and petitioners must attend and gain approval from either the city or county Area Plan Commission or Board of Zoning Appeals. With this in mind and with the work camp rapidly approaching, West has attended local and county meetings hoping to have the permit fees removed for the upcoming repair and improvement projects.

During a May Rush County council meeting, county officials voted to waive any permit fees associated to homes slated to be worked on during the campers visit. City officials voted in the same fashion and also waived permit fees in the fall of 2018.

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