Opportunity to support 4-H Welding

Kraig Younts | Rushville RepublicanPictured is a sign displaying some of the past sponsors to the 4-H Welding Program.

Blake Norris, who owns Norris Welding, has been supporting 4-H Welding in Rushville since 2004.

He is asking local businesses if they would like to help support 4-H Welding as well.

“It’s really simple to help out 4-H Welding,” Norris said. “Anything welding related is greatly appreciated and would be put to good use. I’m just trying to help out so it keeps going.”

Those who sponsor 4-H Welding will receive their company name on a sign, which is displayed with 4-H Welding projects at the fair grounds.

Groups have donated protective eye wear, gloves and electrodes to the 4-H Welding Program in the past. Monetary donations will be accepted as well.

Those interested in supporting 4-H welding can contact Norris Welding at 765-561-0987.

Contact: kraig.younts@rushvillerepublican.com