New School year, new educators to greet students

Submitted photoPictured are some of the new teachers and administrators that will greet students when they return to Rush County Schools this week.

The summer respite for Rush County students is coming to a close with the arrival of the 2019-20 school year. Kindergarten students will begin their studies today and grades one through 12 will report to their respective schools Wednesday.

Recently, RCHS Principal Rob Hadley announced the high school open house will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday. Teachers will be in their rooms/areas during that time with handouts (i.e. syllabus, class rules) for parents and guardians. Physical education teachers will be located in Room 139 and agriculture teachers will be located in the Learning Commons during the open house.

Parents will have the opportunity to choose which teachers to visit; they will NOT follow the students’ schedules.

“I ask parents to please print off schedules at home and we will have them available in the main office during the open house. We will have all the primary doors open for parents,” Hadley said.

He continued by adding that student council members will be on site to assist as well and the sophomore class will provide a dessert table available during the open house in the cafeteria.

The school board welcomed returning and new teachers as well as administrators to the Rush County School family.


Derek Sumpter, BRMS Assistant Principal


Robert Molloy, Elementary Teacher

Sarah Schwendenman, Special Education

Lisa Wilson, Elementary Teacher

RES East

Erin Tilley, Principal

Melissa Crowe, Title I

RES West

Stacey Berkemeier, Special Education Teacher

Amanda Rector, Elementary Teacher

James Zachery, Elementary Teacher


Kristin Baker, Business Teacher

Brooke Edwards, Science Teacher

Emily Hankins, Counselor

Amaranta Kemple, Spanish Teacher

Nan Scanlan, Special Education Teacher

Donna Wilson, JAG Instructor

Rachel Monk, Librarian / Media Specialist

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