Shortly before 9:30 p.m. Thursday, traffic in the 1800 block of North Main Street was slowed by a two-vehicle accident; one of the vehicles involved was a motorcycle.

According to investigating officer Craig Tucker of the Rushville Police Department, a 2004 Harley Davidson motorcycle struck a vehicle turning onto Clarks Drive.

“I turned my turn signal on and had come to a stop. I was waiting for southbound traffic to pass and then began to turn when I was hit,” 16-year-old Clayton H. Lower, of Rushville, said.

The motorcyclist, identified as James A. Sweet, 45, of Rushville, was also northbound and was attempting to pass Lower’s turning 1994 Oldsmobile on the left. Instead, he struck the vehicle on the driver’s side door and front quarter panel.

Sweet was dislodged from the bike, which caught on the undercarriage of the Oldsmobile and was dragged nearly 40 feet before coming to rest.

“I saw his turn signal blink once and then he turned in front of me. There was nothing I could do and nowhere to go,” Sweet said.

Neither driver was hurt as a result of the accident and neither required medical attention. Their vehicles were another matter.

“My driver’s door won’t open, but I guess I can get in on the passenger side and slide over,” Lower said.

In addition to his motorcycle being rendered inoperable as a result of the accident Sweet was found to be at fault for failure to yield the right of way, according to the accident report.

The incident occurred in close proximity to the entrance to Gas America and law enforcement personnel were concerned another accident might take place as passersby gawked while driving by the crash scene.

“If we are not careful, there may be another accident here,” Tucker said a vehicle came to a screeching stop behind another vehicle that had slowed to watch the police activity.

Responding to the accident were the RPD, FMH Ambulance Service and Davis Towing.

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