Mayor Mike Pavey

Mayor Mike Pavey

Rushville Mayor Mike Pavey said the city and county have been working together with the local health department to orchestrate a joint response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

According to the mayor, COVID-19 is dominating what the city government is doing as of now, but he is impressed with how the community is sticking together during these uncertain times.

“The community continues to come together. They continue to impress me with what they’re willing and capable of doing,” Mayor Pavey said. “You still have those efforts even in times like this. That’s a really neat thing. I’m proud of our community.”

The mayor acknowledges times are tough. He said the COVID-19 outbreak is among the list of significant events to occur during his lifetime.

“I think this is a confusing time for everybody,” Mayor Pavey said. “I’m getting to the point where I’m old enough to remember big, significant times. This is one of those big, significant times.”

He understands many are concerned with the unknown effects the COVID-19 outbreak may have on their health and the economy.

“I’m sure people are shaken with fear from a couple perspectives,” Mayor Pavey said. “One being the health side of it and the unknowns there. The other side of it is, what does the economy and people’s jobs look like as we get through this thing? We are shutting down the largest economy in the world, and what that looks like on the other end, I don’t know that any of us know what that’s going to look like.”

The mayor said the community must have faith and confidence in the fact it will get through the COVID-19 outbreak. He mentioned the city government is preparing to address people’s needs when the recovery process begins.

The mayor is impressed with the quality of information being release at the local level regarding COVID-19. He highlighted the importance of following the advice of medical experts, limiting social interaction, changing what you do normally and following procedures for personal hygiene.

Mayor Pavey said times like these illustrate the quality of the Rushville community and its citizens.

“When you look at a situation like this, it (Rushville) ends up being a good place to be and it’s a great community,” Mayor Pavey said. “I continue hear about people organizing to try to help people get on their feet or maintain themselves through this.”

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