Local farmers: 2019 harvest going better than expected

The 2019 harvest seems to be going better than expected for Rush County farmers despite delayed planting caused by wet weather conditions this past spring.

David Vanosdol operates Vanosdol Farms and Trucking in Arlington. He credited the fair weather after the rainy spring season for making the harvest better than most anticipated.

“I think Rush County was fortunate although we suffered many of the weather issues that the whole state did,” Vanosdol said. “Rush County was fairly fortunate on planting and summer weather until August when everything dried up on us. The weather was not too bad until late.”

Vanosdol has already finished harvesting the 700 acres of soybeans he had planted this spring.

He admits his farm is a little behind harvesting corn as he has 300 acres left to harvest of the 700 he planted. He projects he will be done with the 2019 harvest within two weeks.

“We’ve been moving along. We are never real speedy, but I think we’ve done pretty well on harvest,” Vanosdol said. “We did start (planting) late, but the weather helped us in staying dry. It’s showing signs we’ve run out of that and were going to be dealing with wet ground and rainy days here in November.”

Vanosdol said having to dry the corn crop due to excess moisture has added extra time and expense to this year’s harvest.

“You give us dry days and time in the field, most guys can move right along and that’s what they’ve been doing,” Vanosdol said.

John Niehoff operates Niehoff Farms and Trucking in Milroy. He also said the harvest season is going better than he expected.

Niehoff has finished harvesting all the corn and soybeans he planted this year. Now he only has to harvest his farm’s double crops.

Vanosdol and Niehoff both said dealing with dry conditions was a challenge this harvest season. At least one combine fire was reported in Rush County due to dry conditions.

Niehoff would like to remind residents to be mindful of farmers and their vehicles during harvest season. He said farmers are respectful of the community and will pull over to allow traffic to pass when they’re able.

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