An E911 call received at the Rush County Sheriff’s Department on June 27 alerted law enforcement personnel to a situation that seemed out of the ordinary and resulted in the apprehension of David A. Duncan-Hobbs, 28, of Laurel on a charge of impersonating a public servant.

According to Rush County Detective Randy Meek, the unidentified caller felt something just wasn’t right. After making the E911 call to the RCSD shortly after 2 p.m., the caller followed the vehicle until actual deputies arrived on the scene.

The caller told the dispatcher that an attempt was made to stop their vehicle by an individual driving a white Crown Victoria passenger vehicle. Following the initial encounter, the citizen was able to update the vehicle’s location prior to the vehicle being stopped in the 3000 block of West SR 244 in southwestern Rush County.

Once the suspect vehicle was stopped, officers found Duncan-Hobbs was wearing a “Sheriff” shirt as well as a “Sheriff” ball cap. Inside the vehicle a number of items related to police operations were found.

“The actions of the suspect in this case scared the victim and will not be tolerated by law enforcement,” Detective Meek said.

Detective Meek and Sheriff Allan Rice were quick to add that if found in a similar situation, individuals are asked to immediately call 911 or the RCSD at (765) 932-2931.

Contact: or (765) 932 – 2222 x106.

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