The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) released the Spring 2019 Indiana Learning Evolution and Readiness Network (ILEARN) results on Wednesday.

“As you will see, compared to most schools we did well,” Superintendent of Rush County Schools Matt Vance said. “I am proud of our students and staff for this. However, our goal is always to get better and look for ways to improve.”

When compared to past ISTEP+ scores, ILEARN indicated lower achievement levels across the state in both English/Language arts and mathematics. IDOE said the combination of the rigors associated with the newly designed assessment, national normative data and defined established performance cuts all contribute to lower performance.

IDOE will advocate for responsive legislative action due to the negative impact assessment results have on educators, schools, districts and communities.

“While the 2019 ILEARN results do not provide a true reflection of the performance of Indiana’s schools, they do once again show us the importance of developing a modernized state legislated accountability system that is fair, accurate and transparent,” State Superintendent Dr. Jennifer McCormick said. “With this in mind, the Department will propose the following legislative actions: place a ‘hold harmless’ year on 2018-2019 letter grades, pause intervention timelines for all schools, and provide the State Board of Education with emergency rulemaking authority to review and reestablish the state accountability system. The success and wellbeing of our students, educators and schools are dependent upon these actions.”

ILEARN proficiency results from Rush County Schools and Mays Community Academy are listed below:

ELA and Math Proficiency (Grades 3-8)

• Milroy Elementary School – 44 percent

• Arlington Elementary School – 47.1 percent

• Rushville Elementary School East – 55.2 percent

• Rushville Elementary School West – 28.3 percent

• Benjamin Rush Middle School – 37.8 percent

• Mays Community Academy – 19.7 percent

Science proficiency (Grades 4 and 6)

• Milroy Elementary School – 53.7 percent

• Arlington Elementary School – 66.7 percent

• Rushville Elementary School East – 61 percent

• Rushville Elementary School West – 42.0 percent

• Mays Community Academy – 32.7 percent

Social studies (Grade 5 only)

• Milroy Elementary School – 35 percent

• Arlington Elementary School – 50 percent

• Rushville Elementary School East – 54.9 percent

• Rushville Elementary School West – 42.6 percent

• Mays Community Academy – 48.4 percent

ILEARN was developed with input from over 1,200 educators, according to IDOE. The ILEARN test assesses the same Indiana Academic Standards as ISTEP+.

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