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Frank Denzler | Rushville RepublicanRushville residents Tyanne Warrick and Brittany Niece were found walking past the Gowdy House museum in the 600 block of North Perkins Street Monday. A grand opening of the Carriage House located directly behind the museum is rapidly approaching.

The Rush County Historical Society recently announced a grand opening of the Carriage House, located directly behind the Gowdy House (619 North Perkins Street). In 2017, the Gowdy House was recognized by the United States Department of Interior and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

According to Marianne Scott, the nearly five-year improvement project to the Carriage House was recently completed and as a result has increased the size of the Gowdy House museum by roughly 1,200 square feet. The new area now features a Main Street of shops area.

Long time Rush County Historical Society member Steve Mahan has been involved in the restoration project from the inception through its completion.

A number of groups, individuals and local organizations were instrumental in the project and their help and assistance has been greatly appreciated by members of the Rush County Historical Society.

A grand opening of the Carriage House will be held Sept. 21 during the annual running of the Willkie Days celebration at which time the Gowdy House will be open to the public.