Aida Mirzoyan

Aida Mirzoyan

Aida Mirzoian, 18, arrived in Rush County to begin a year of studies extending her high school education by one year. Mirzoian graduated from high school in her native Armenia prior to arriving locally for the 2019-20 school year.

Aida is the oldest child of Armen Mirzoian and Armine Chilingaryan having two younger brothers Srap and Marten. Growing up, Aida has spent her formative years in the town of Stepanavan, Armenia. Armenia is a country located between Europe and Asia and formerly was a part of Russia. Stepanavan is a community of roughly 13,000 and according to Aida is considered a resort town in northern Armenia. The scenic community grew from remains of an ancient fortress that still remains west of town and is found north of Bazum mountains on the shores of the Dzoraget River.

She explained that her family is much like those found in rural Indiana. Her father is a small business farmer and her mother a treasurer by profession works in a tax collection.

As with many foreign exchange students, Aida began speaking English in school at an early age. She began learning English in third grade and when she entered seventh grade she began private lessons with a tutor as a means to further her English speaking capabilities. She also began reading English books and watching videos in English to improve her English.

As she neared high school graduation, the teenager began private tutoring as a means to help her gain entry in to college.

When asked to describe one of the ‘“must see” areas if visiting Armenia, Aida said Lake Sevan is one of the largest mountain lakes in the area and the churches that are scattered throughout the country. She was quick to add a little history of Armenia by saying that Armenia was one of the first countries to adapt to Christianity, a heritage that Armenian’s take to heart.

Her trip to Rushville was through a roundabout means as the teenager traveled through Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Washington, D.C. prior to her arrival in Rush County.

She said there are some things she misses from her native home, but overall she likes the rural life of Indiana. Since her arrival, she has been to the state fair, visited Chicago during fall break, and has been to Louisville, Kentucky.

In February, she and others associated with the foreign exchange program will make an extended trip to Washington D.C. to see many of the sites in the nation’s capital.

Since she already graduated high school, she is not allowed to participate in school sports during her stay at RCHS. However, she has filled much of her spare time with participation is various clubs and organizations including International Club, ROAR Club and FFA to name a few. She served as manager for the RCHS cross country team and hopes to serve in the same capacity for the track team in the spring of 2020.

When afforded free time, Adia also has a knack for filling those hours up as well. She is an avid reader, likes being funny and making those around her laugh and have a good time as well as a special passion of photography.

“I have taken a lot of pictures so far while I’ve been here in Rushville and the places I’ve seen.”

Once her exchange student year is complete, Adia seeks to return to college and become an attorney in hope of becoming an International Lawyer. She sees the value of conversing in different languages. Currently, she speaks four languages: Russian, Armenian, English and Spanish. She explained that each language opens so many more doors for opportunity.

Contact: or (765) 932 -2222 x106.

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