Feast of Plenty doubles Thanksgiving deliveries to Rush County

Chef Ty Hunt is pictured speaking to volunteers and attendees of the 14th Annual Lisa Muegge Feast of Plenty.

This Thanksgiving, the 14th Annual Lisa Muegge Feast of Plenty delivered more than 125 meals to the Rush County area compared to 60 meals last year.

The Lisa Muegge Feast of Plenty, which is held at the Hancock County Fairgrounds, provides meals and bags of groceries to those in need on Thanksgiving Day.

“Every year the need for hot, quality meals made with love and care increases,” {span}head chef for the feast Ty Hunt {/span}said. “This year our meal volume and grocery requests magnified the need. Our meal count increased by over 600 and our grocery requests exceeded 500 for the first time in 14 years. Because of our communities coming together to be the light, we were able to provide approximately 2,400 meals and touch parts of six counties.”

The Feast of Plenty was founded by Lisa Muegge, who passed away in 2016. The celebration has carried on in her name and has grown each year.

The event takes months of planning and the help of many volunteers to be successful.

“We are constantly trying to listen to the Lord’s direction for this meal,” Hunt said. “We feel strongly that we can provide quality meals to communities of volunteers that want to help and serve others but might not have the ability to produce the food themselves. This has been our largest outreach to date, but we feel that next year, our 15th year, will exceed 2019 and this ministry will continue to grow and expand.”

Visit the Lisa Muegge Feast of Plenty website for more information at http://feastofplentyoutreach.com/.

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