Local law enforcement officers will work extended hours in the coming weeks as means to make area roadways safer by participating in a high visibility, zero tolerance traffic blitz to remove impaired drivers from area roads.

With what has become known as the summer’s final holiday Labor Day rapidly approaching, officers are concentrating on removing drunk and impaired drivers from the road and looking for seat belt violators as a means to make traveling in a vehicle safer.

Officers are quick to point out that drinking and driving don’t mix and what has become an annual saturation effort serves as a reminder and notice to those that consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle and drive that if found to be driving impaired, officers will find you and you will be arrested.

Once arrested for OWI, motorist face not only monetary fines, by the possibility of being placed on probation that may include substance abuse classes and the loss of driving privileges.

In recent years, Indiana has realized a decrease in fatal traffic accidents although roughly there still is room for improvement with 40 percent of all traffic related deaths statewide still attributed to drivers operating a vehicle while impaired.

Motorist are encouraged to report erratic or aggressive driving practices by calling 911 and giving the dispatcher their location, a description of the vehicle in question and the direction of travel.

Labor Day is frequently associated with the end of summer and statistics have found that alcohol related accidents on Hoosier roadways nearly double during the extended weekend.

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