During Monday’s county commissioner meeting, the county leaders and those in attendance learned that the new Rush County Jail project is nearing 65 percent completion.

According to architect for the project Eric Ratz, a number of interior projects on the new facility are currently underway.

Ratz explained the recent rash of project change orders that have been brought before the commissioners for approval.

Ratz said that when the jail project was initially presented, $388,000 was built in to the project as a means to cover change orders and additional cost. He continued by explaining the difference between hard cost, soft cost and project cost.

- Project cost was defined as the anticipated overall cost of the entire project.

- Hard cost, pays for the contractors and labor of the project.

- Soft cost are extra expenditures such as and, insurance and demolition cost.

Ratz then told the county leaders that roughly $58,000 has been spent on unexpected change orders or 0.32 percent both figures will below the average on similar construction projects.

“Any of the monies that remain at the completion of the project goes back to the county and can be used for other purposes,” Ratz said.

With the project past the halfway point of completion, it is expected that any unforeseen future change orders will be small in nature.

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