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Pictured (left to right) are Theresa Alexander, Dr. Dennis Bowman, Samantha Yarbrough, Barbara Kuhn, Elton Marzon. Dr. Bowman accepted a check for the Rush County United Way.

The Rush County United Fund is into its campaign year for funds that will be dispensed this year to the nine agencies it sponsors. Citizens State Bank has been a consistent sponsor since 2017. Each year they have given the Fund $5,000 and did so again this year.

At the presentation were Elton Marzon, Theresa Alexander, Samantha Yarbrough, Barbara Kuhn and Dr. Dennis Bowman. The Board wishes to extend a heart felt “Thank you” to Citizens.

The RC United Fund has sent letters and done presentations around the county informing groups and individuals of the work that is done in our county. Without the funds given each year to the nine agencies (RC Victims Assistance, RC Food Panty, MoRE for Kids, RC 4-H, RC Senior Center, Boys & Girls Club, Changing Footprints, Salvation Army and RC Mental Health Association), they would not be able to provide all the services as they have in the past. One consistent report heard from each group is that funding sources are drying up and it is getting more difficult to get the funds they need.

These nine groups assist the most vulnerable group in our county: children and the elderly. If everyone would give a $1 a paycheck, the United Fund would have no difficulty meeting the needs in our community. It is possible to pay your donation through pay roll deduction, payment over the year to the UF office as well as lump sum payments through out the year, ending on Sept. 30.

As money has started to come in, those who gave last year have given more or the same amount. However, payroll deductions have dropped off significantly as has corporate sponsors. Please consider donating to the Fund. Checks may be sent to PO Box 65, Rushville, IN 46173 or if you have questions, please call 765-932-4191.

At the recent board meeting, new officers were elected. It was with great reluctance that the United Fund accepted the resignation of Tim Heller, who has been a member, as well as President for the last 6 ½ years. The new officers are as follows: President Christy Pavey, Vice President Jane Smiley, Secretary Samantha Yarbrough, Treasurer Tianne Ripberger. The United Fund welcomes these new officers and are looking forward to a great year. You may contact any of these officers if you have questions, or you may call the Executive Director Dr. Dennis Bowman at the office number above.

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