In recent months, a number of change orders with unexpected costs have been brought before the county commissioners on the new jail project. Multiple times, the county leaders have questioned as to why these charges are necessary since they are related to design problems and not changes requested from the builders.

DLZ Architecture/Engineers have designed a number of correctional facilities in Indiana with some nearly identical to the Rush County Jail project currently under construction.

According to construction manager John Painter, the Rush County Jail project is on schedule with a completion date set for this fall, and though changes are troublesome, they also are to be expected in a project of this nature. He continued by saying that the sheer number change orders on the local project is well under the normal change order threshold.

The most recent change called for a request to relocate the electrical transformer at a cost of $3,927. The county leaders have frequently stated the jail currently under construction locally is nearly identical to others designed by DLZ and the architect should have known a head of time many of the changes now being requested and as a result the county should not be held responsible for the cost of the changes.

Commissioner Paul Wilkinson said that the most recent change was not requested by the owner of the building (Rush County) rather due to an error by the engineer hired to draw the plans for the building.

In the change request stated that the piece of equipment was too large for the room designed to hold it and that a water source in the room would cause a building code violation.

The commissioners voted unanimously to table the request until speaking with the project engineer.

In unrelated matters, county highway superintendent Jerry Sitton presented a contract requiring the county leaders’ signatures to make needed repairs to the Offutt Covered Bridge and a bridge project for a bridge on CR 1100N that crosses Six Mile Creek.

Sitton then spoke on traffic issues on North Goose Road, north west of Carthage. As reported in an earlier edition of the Rushville Republican, the road has been reduced to a single lane north of CR 900N due to erosion issues and a weight limit has also been set in place. According to Sitton, daily nearly 50 vehicles travel the road and necessary repairs are expected to be nearly $1 million.

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