The Charles A. Beard Board of School Trustees has announced the selection of Dr. David B. McGuire as superintendent of schools. Approval of the initial three-year contract (as required by law) was made by unanimous vote at 6:30 p.m. May 30. Dr. McGuire will begin his duties July 1, taking the place of Dr. Hal Jester who is retiring after 17 years as superintendent. The board thanked Dr. Jester for his long and successful tenure and for his commitment to the children of the Carthage, Kennard and Knightstown communities.

A 1965 Warsaw High School graduate, Dr. McGuire received a bachelor’s degree from Manchester College in 1970, master’s degree from St. Francis College in 1973, specialist degree in 1993 from Ball State University and doctorate in 2001 from BSU.

He has two children, Michael, 31 and Meighan, 29 and a 20-month old granddaughter, Chloe.

“Charles A. Beard is a school corporation with a reputation for solid financial management and for support of student achievement. I believe that it is poised to become a leader in providing students in small school settings with a world class education,” Dr. McGuire said. “Additionally, the communities that the schools serve are a real draw for me. I have lived in urban, rural and suburban areas and I knew that I preferred the quality of life that a more rural area affords. I’m looking forward to being able to walk without breathing automobile fumes and enjoying the family atmosphere of the three communities and surrounding areas.”

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