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One of the things I am always looking to do as a history teacher is to sprinkle in as much current events content as I can. As I wrote a few weeks ago, we are all in the same River of History as every person who came before us and all who will come after us.

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Though he comes from an esteemed local family that include his grandfather’s brother, James Warner, founder of the annual Thanksgiving dinner, Bradley Warner got himself into a little legal trouble as a teenager when he got caught stealing from his employer.

A new Indiana law is making some changes with the goal of increasing transparency in teacher contract negotiations, according to the legislation's author. But one teachers' union representative describes the legislation as "yet another over-reaching, anti-public school, union-busting bill that has been passed by the Indiana Republican super majority."

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At precisely the moment Alexis Marie Wasson took her last breath on Aug. 10 at St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital, her best friend Abbi Owens’ baby girl gasped in her first breath of air as she entered the world. Wasson’s maternal aunt, Melissa Klabunde, and paternal aunt, Demetrice Hudson, don’t think that’s a coincidence.

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Donald R. Jarboe, 80, passed away peacefully on August 10, 2019, surrounded by family and friends. Don was born April 19, 1939, to the late William and Lottie Mae (Gribbons) Jarboe. Don was a graduate of Rushville high School and after graduation, he played football for Calinga College in Ca…