Friends Too celebrated our 25th anniversary meeting Aug. 25 with Phyllis Hall as hostess. President Roberta Cole was cohostess in planning the celebration. She welcomed everyone and opened the meeting by reading the newspaper article reporting our first meeting. Louise Spurling was instrumental in helping us form a new club, which meets at night. Several members could not attend afternoon meetings. We met at Louise Spurling’s home July 15, 1981. Our first meeting Sept. 18, 1981 was at the home of Ann McDaniel. Sue Miller suggested the name Friends Too because the original club was Friendly Neighbors.

Roll call was a tribute to our deceased member, Sue Miller, with both tearful and admiring comments. Members unable to attend the anniversary celebration were Jean Chandler and Mary Louise Miller. Guests from Friendly Neighbors were Bille Bacon, Jane Kuhn, Sharon Coffee and Louise Spurling. Kay Petry, county president, also attended.

Carolyn Cleland entertained and informed us with an outstanding program about harps. She brought her mid-size harp and a primitive early harp. She explained the history of harps going back to biblical times. She played beautifully, starting with early music up to the types of music at the time our club was formed in 1981.

Roberta Cole, Ruth Kessler and Pat Shirk prepared a display of scrapbooks, special newspaper clippings and souvenirs. The hostesses beautifully decorated the table with silver, crystal and flowers. A punch bowl and 25th anniversary cake centered the table. Members received silver decorated flowers from the hostesses and Ann McDaniel brought gladiolus bouquets. The club presented our president Roberta Cole with a picture frame describing friends. She has served as president many years.

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