Milroy Monday Study Circle

Milroy Monday Study Circle met Sept. 26 at the home of Patty Carrigan. President Charlotte Henderson opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and reading an autumnal poem. She thanked the hostess for her hospitality.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and the treasurer reported the treasury balance. New program books were distributed after $1 dues were paid by each of the 12 members present.

The secretary read a note from Mary Jane Truster requesting that she be dropped from the membership list because she is out of state during the winter months and accompanying the Rush County Chorale the other months the club meets.

Ann Innis presented a very interesting program which she began with a reminder that a year from now marks the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition’s arrival in St. Louis with their maps, notebooks and specimens from their trip to the Pacific Ocean. She then gave a list of reasons why the English language is so hard to learn and a list of words that have disappeared from our language. We laughed as we realized that noses run and feet smell and quicksand works slowly.

Milroy Christian Church Guild

The Milroy Christian Church Guild met Oct. 5 at the church. President Helen Holder opened with prayer and then welcomed 19 members and one guest. Geraldine White gave the devotions.

After the business meeting Peggy Webb presented a program on Eve using Genesis 2:23 as her text. Eve was the first woman in the newly created world and in her life there were many firsts: first sinner, first marriage, first mother, first in suffering sorrows and her third son Seth formed the first lineage of Christ.

The recipients of the monthly door prizes were Webb, Sandy Fussner and Virginia Alverson, who was our guest.

Refreshments were served by Beth Stainbrook and Geraldine White.

The next meeting will be Nov. 2 at the church. Holder will be hostess and Fussner will present the program.

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