Rushville Republican

May 28, 2013

wedding: Moles-Wenrich

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Megan Moles and Orion Wenrich were united as one in a wedding ceremony on Saturday, March 24, 2012, among a shower of cherry blossoms with the Washington Monument as a backdrop and a multitude of guests visiting the 100th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.

The bride’s antique color lace gown was sewn by her in two days and was accented with a crystal bracelet from her Grandmother Penny Wallace. A dainty white lace handkerchief from her Great-Grandmother Nola Hatfield was placed in her blue waist ribbon. She wore a memory pin from her paternal Grandmother, a bouquet of wooden blue and yellow roses tied with a blue silk ribbon from Molly, sister and maid of honor, and blue fresh water white pearl necklace from her sister and mother. Placed in her blonde curls was a heart shaped hairpin worn by her mother, Sarah, at her wedding in 1982.

A thrifty groom purchased a black suit from a thrift store worn with a white shirt and a yellow rose from the bouquet in the lapel; as a special surprise for the bride he was to wear a tie but it was misplaced - such a sweet thought.

Under a canopy of cherry blossom trees, a Biblical wedding ceremony was performed by Jay Moles, father of the bride. An exchange of cream yellow sand held by the mother of the bride and sea-foam blue sand held by Mrs. Robyn Wenrich, mother of the groom, were gathered by Megan and Orion and poured together into a small jar to symbolize being one in flesh.

Other family members there to support the new couple were Moe Wenrich, father of the groom; Zephyr and Griffon, Orion’s two brothers; accompanied by Jacob, brother of the bride, who also was the photographer.

After asking God’s blessings for the new couple, all witnessed the first official presentation of Mr. and Mrs. Orion Wenrich followed by their first dance with the songs “Hold On” and “God Gave Me You.” This concluded the ceremony with a great cheer and applause from the gracious people visiting the D.C. Mall.

The reception was hosted by Orion and Megan for their parents and siblings at Boca di Beppo Restaurant with cheese cake as their wedding cake.

An April celebration party for family and friends to meet the new couple took place at the bride’s childhood home in Rush county. Blue and yellow balloons were released by the guests with the couple releasing a ring designed balloon. Fireworks concluded the party along with a Tangled inspired lantern released by Orion and Megan symbolizing their light as a husband and wife journeying into the opportunities spread before them. Our prayer for them, then and now, is for their light to rise, travel far, stay bright and be strong.