Rushville Republican

December 7, 2012

Rushville swimmers edged by Eastern Hancock

Aaron Kirchoff
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — In two close swim meets, Eastern Hancock was able to hold of Rushville. For the girls, the Lady Royals prevailed 105-85. For the boys, Eastern Hancock edged the Lions 89-85.

Rushville’s Dalton Miller set a personal best 2:20.02 in winning the 200 freestyle. Miller also won the 500 freestyle in 6:42.77 with Austin Greer setting a personal best 7:21.68 to take second place.

Autumn Meece set a personal best :33.36 for second in the 50 freestyle.

Stone Worth won the 100 freestyle in 1:06.09.

The Lady Lions set two “best” times in the 200 freestyle relay. The team of Brenna Hall, Meece, Allison Wainwright and Rachel Sayman took second in 2:20.36 and the team of Courtney Hall, Riko Itakura, Michaela Colestock and Gabriela Camacho was third in 2:50.50.

Megan Clifton set a personal best 1:54.42 to take fourth in the 100 backstroke. Evan Messer took fourth for the boys in the 100 backstroke with a personal best 1:43.21.

Brenna Hall won the 100 breaststroke in 1:30.47.

The Lions’ 400 freestyle relay team of Miller, Greer, Sam Cole and Worth took first in 4:39.15.

Team scores

Girls:  EHS-105, RCHS-85

Boys:  EHS-89, RCHS-85

Rushville scoring

200 medley relay - Girls:  3. Courtney Hall, Riko Itakura, Abby Clark,Autumn Meece — 2:46.54. Boys:  2. Sam Cole, Jacob Fowler, Stone Worth,Caleb Marsden — 2:25.01; 200 freestyle - Girls: 3. Rachel Sayman—2:55.40

(PR), 4. Courtney Hall—3:17.79. Boys: 1. Dalton Miller—2:20.02 (PR); 3.Austin Greer—2:39.98; 200 individual medley - Girls: 2. Brenna Hall—3:33.53. Boys:  2.Stone Worth—2:48.16; 50 freestyle - Girls:  2. -Autumn

Meece—:33.36(PR), 3.Allison Wainwright—:37.36. Boys:  2. Jacob Fowler—:29.26, 3.Caleb Marsden—:31.07, 4.Evan Messer—:33.28; 100 butterfly - Girls: 2.Abby Clark—1:43.99; 100 freestyle - Girls:  2. Rachel Sayman—

1:18.97, 3. Allison Wainwright—1:24.67, 5. Riko Itakura—1:38.86. Boys:  1. Stone Worth—1:06.09, 3. Sam Cole—1:15.43, 4. Caleb Marsden—1:16.61; 500 freestyle - Girls:  2. Abby Clark—8:14.52. Boys:  1. Dalton Miller—6:42.77, 2. Austin Greer—7:21.68(PR), 3. Barry Denton-Nickolas—7:44.19; 200 freestyle relay - Girls: 2. Brenna Hall, Autumn Meece, Allison Wainwright, Rachel Sayman—2:20.36(PR),  3. Courtney Hall, Riko Itakura, Michaela Colestock, Gabriela Camacho—2:50.50 (PR), 4. Sarah Daubenspeck, Nici Martin, Megan Clifton, Shelbie Brown—3:18.41. Boys:  2. Caleb Marsden, Jacob Fowler, Austin Greer, Dalton Miller—2:04.09; 100 backstroke - Girls:  2. Courtney Hall—1:36.50, 4. Megan Clifton—1:54.42 (PR), 5.Shelbie Brown—2:03.80. Boys: 2. Sam Cole—1:31.21, 4. Evan Messer—1:43.21 (PR);  100 breaststroke - Girls: 1. Brenna Hall—1:30.47, 4. Michaela Colestock—1:55.71. Boys:  3. Jacob Fowler—1:28.94, 4. Barry Denton-Nickolas—1:30.15; 400 freestyle relay - Girls:  2. Autumn Meece, Abby Clark, Rachel Sayman, Brenna Hall —5:51.62,  3. Allison Wainwright, Nici Martin, Michaela Colestock, Shelbie Brown—6:55.53. Boys:  1. Dalton Miller, Austin Greer, Sam Cole, Stone Worth—4:39.15.

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