Rushville Republican

August 27, 2013

Bowling season starts

Jim Ephlin

Jim Ephlin
Rushville Republican

---- — Hello bowling fans! This is Jim Ephlin, at the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is.

We start the 2013- 14 bowling season this week and welcome back the bowlers from their summer vacations. Another bowling season rolling around is always time for reflection. For me personally it will mark the 30th year of organizing the leagues since my dad passed away in 1984 and my 43rd year of participating. Excuse me while I have a heart attack. 

Believe it or not there are other bowlers in the leagues that have bowled all those seasons and more. Also remember there will be bowlers joining their first leagues, which also makes it special. There are not too many places in our lives anymore where you are with people for a couple of hours sharing fun, food, entertainment and actually talking to each other.

We are starting this week and I hope current league bowlers will invite someone to join this year as we still have team openings to fill. We had organizational meetings last week for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday bowling leagues. All three of these leagues will start the week of Aug. 26 and we have room for men and women on any of these nights. I would really like to reach out to the people who are currently not playing and ask them to make this the year they think about joining.

I guarantee you have friends out here at Rushville Bowl on one of those nights enjoying a fun, social, and competitive evening with friends. It`s hard to think about it now but the sun is going down at 5:30 p.m. in October so call Rushville Bowl to inquire about joining.

A major change for bowlers this year will be the opening of a Bowlers Pro Shop at Rushville Bowl. Retail sales of bowling balls, bowling shoes, bags and all kind of accessories will be available on site. In past years these items had to be ordered and the process could take up to three weeks. Bowlers will have the ability to have ball maintenance performed including cleaning, polishing and resurfacing.

Many players have rather dated equipment since the ball buying process was so tedious. We hope many bowlers will take one of their older balls and have it plugged and redrilled with an up to date modern drilling that could really improve their scores. Something we have never offered before will be "used balls" that have been resurfaced and made available at very attractive pricing.

Jim Huddleston will be our pro shop manager and ball driller. Jim is quite proficient at helping bowlers improve their games. He has graduated from Ebonite University and ran pro shops in both Muncie and New Castle.

A reminder to summer league bowlers, league payouts are available at the center.