Rushville Republican

March 1, 2013

BRMS basketball

Aaron Kirchoff
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — The eighth-grade Red girls basketball team defeated Shelbyville 24-14. Madison Owen led the Lady Cubs with 14 points, three steals and six rebounds. Mekyna Hall added two points, one steal and seven rebounds. Cammi Miller had two points, one steal and seven rebounds. Kassie Herbert had two points and three rebounds. Megyn Kirchoff scored two points. Casey Chabre had one steal and two rebounds. Macie Orme added one steal and one rebound.

The Lady Cubs fell to Laurel 40-22. Kirchoff led the Lady Cubs with nine points, three rebounds and one steal. Chabree had seven points, three rebounds and two steals. Owen finished with five points, five rebounds and one steal. Miller had two rebounds. Hall had one rebound. Orme had five rebounds. Savannah Cain had two rebounds and one steal.

The eighth-grade girls Black defeated Shelbyville 59-28. Ash led the Lady Cubs with 22 points and three rebounds. Markley had 17 points and three rebounds. Fogg added 12 points, eight rebound and six assists. Adkins added six points and nine rebounds. Beavers tallied two points and five rebounds. Aldridge grabbed three rebounds.