Rushville Republican

February 22, 2013

8 for 8 bowling club starting

Jim Ephlin
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Hello bowlers ! This is Jim Ephlin, at the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is. We are putting a new event on the lanes in March called the 8 for 8 Bowling Club. This is a great concept to get people to bowl for a not very long time and for not much expense and still get a great reward.

In the 8 for 8 Bowling Club, you bowl an eight week schedule for only $8 per week and at the conclusion receive a brand new bowling ball. The program will start March 11 and conclude on April 28. It is geared toward adults ages 16 and over with teams being made up of four players. There will be different challenge games, contests and food specials during the 8 weeks. Starting time will be 4 p.m. on Sundays except the very first one will carry a 3 p.m. starting time.

When putting the program together we decided to set a goal of 24 players. I am happy to say that with two weeks to go we have 29 signed up. You can sign up as an individual, group or whole team. Stop by Rushville Bowl and pick up a registration or call (932-4963) or log on to and sign up on-line.

The first weekend of the 73rd Rushville City Championships were a shootout with quite a few good scores posted. We Don’t Care went along way toward a repeat as Scratch champions. Justin Howard, Tom Howard, Scott Carpenter, Robert Jacobs and Craig Kuhn rolled a 3,476 scratch score and with 8 pins total handicap turned in a 3,484 handicap score. Currently both scores are atop the leader board. Last year they shot 3,517 to set the house record which still stands. Schroder and Hoff from Monday Classic gave it a run and currently sit in second with 3,444 handicap.

In Doubles the team of Bob Nilo and Steve Knecht turned in a 1,464 handicap score to be first weekend leaders. Second place is Steve Knecht and Jim Ephlin with 1,413 and third is Randy Taylor and Robert Jacobs at 1,411. Justin Howard and Tom Howard lead the doubles scratch with a 1,367 score.

The Singles competition produced great scores with Mark Angle emerging as week one handicap leader. Mark shot an 804 followed by Kenny Pursifull 777 and Craig Kuhn 756. Craig rolled the best scratch score for the first weekend with a 735.    

Proud Dad I am, I need to report that J.T. won his fifth TKO Bowling event of his career in Noblesville last weekend at Cooper’s Stardust Bowl. Bowling in the 0 Division, he rolled qualifying games of 193 - 211 -237 -223- 218 - 230 to finish as #1 qualifier. In the championship match he faced Aubree Trexler who had finished third in the state the day before in the State High School Bowling Championships. J.T. came out on top 196 - 171 to take the title.

Proud dad # 2 makes me tell you how well the Lady Lions did with my daughter Annie on the sideline cheering them on. Yes that’s Annie you see at the home games flying through the air.

Currently in league play members of the Rushville USBC BA can enter a sweeper to try to win an entry into the upcoming Todd Funeral Centre Shootout. The sweeper has a low entry fee of five dollars and has the bowlers using their league score to see it they win. It’s a great tournament and if you win the sweeper you save $20 off the price of an entry. The Shootout will be held on Sunday April 24.

Next week a wrap up on the City Championships and a look at the Professional Bowlers Tour.