Rushville Republican

May 25, 2013

8 for 8 Bowling Club

Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Hello bowling fans! This is Jim Ephlin, at the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is.

We have turned the corner on winter so that means summer leagues are forming with the emphasis on fun. We will be running the very popular 8-for-8 bowling club for youth bowlers. This program is targeted to 5-12 years old boys and girls. The name explains the program very well as it is 8 weeks of bowling for only $8 per week.

That alone is an attractive offer but the kicker is that every participant receives a brand new bowling ball. This is an introduction to a lifetime sport in a very non-competitive way. We will bowl on Sundays at 4 p.m. beginning June 2 and completing the program June 21. Being the summer there will be some conflicts like vacations or trips but that will be no problem as players can pre-bowl or make up scores.

Each session should last no longer than two hours and parents or guardians are encouraged to come watch the fun. You can sign up the youth bowler in your house by calling Rushville Bowl at 932-5389. Registration is also offered on line at Just click on the 8-for-8 poster and it will take you to a registration screen. Those who received a flyer at their school can fill those out and drop them off at Rushville Bowl. Finally you can email a request to join to

We ran this program last December and January and over 60 youth took part.

We will offer two bowling leagues for adults this summer, one being the Thursday Mixed No Tap and the other will be the Tuesday Singles League. Thursday No Tap had their opening night May 23 with 10 teams on the lanes. Participants bowl three games getting strikes even if they only knock down nine pins. It’s not too late to join.

The third summer league will be on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and teams will be made up of one. That’s right, it’s what is called a singles league. So if you want to bowl you have a team. Standings will be kept on an individual basis not a team basis as most of us are used to. You can win anywhere from 0-9 points on a given night. You will bowl on a 3- person unit every night, competing against another 3-person unit. We plan to bowl just 10 sessions and it is a handicapped league.

The Rushville USBC held their annual bowling banquet on Tuesday, May 7. A crowd right at 100 ate dinner together and offered congratulations to the winners of the different events held during the past year.

Bob Nilo received Senior Player of the Year honors for the second time in his career. Jim Todd was named winner of the “Crack Owens” award given to the person with a great attitude, a great on lanes demeanor and just generally the type of person everyone would like to have as a teammate.

The final award is the very prestigious “Player of the Year” award. This years winner participated in two leagues with perfect attendance in one and only one missed night in the other. He bowled in all three major events of the year and recorded 128 games over 200. He bowled a 800 series and two perfect games within 17 days of each other. I’m very pleased to announce this years Bowler of the Year as Todd Howard.

He joins his brother, father and uncle as a Player of the Year. Congratulations Todd!