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July 9, 2013

Thoughts from the sports desk

By Aaron Kirchoff Rushville Republican
Rushville Republican

---- — I think everyone in Indiana (maybe around the nation) was a little surprised when the Boston Celtics named Brad Stevens as head coach. After signing a long-term deal to stay at Butler, many of us thought he would be walking the sidelines of Hinkle Fieldhouse for years to come.

I don’t blame him for heading east. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to coach one of the most storied franchises in sports.

I don’t think that many in the basketball world were surprised at the hiring of Brandon Miller to replace Stevens.

Miller, a former player at Butler, had returned to the university in April and seemed to be the best fit for the program…a Butler guy who knows “the Butler Way.”

I hope Miller and Stevens both have continued success on the hardwood.

Howard leaves L.A.

The wondering is over as to if Dwight Howard would remain a Laker. He is headed to Houston to bolster the Rockets in their bid to win the West and the NBA crown.

Howard not being able to have success with one of the best players in NBA history, Kobe Bryant, would be concerning for me as a general manager. If Howard was one of the best big men in the game, I would have thought playing with Kobe would have only heightened his skills and success.

Howard will now join scoring machine James Harden on the court. If Howard had a hard time getting shots with the Lakers, how does he think it will be better in Houston? Harden took 1,337 shots from the field last year. With Howard in the paint, those numbers will probably go down. Not sure there are enough basketballs in Houston.

MMA upset

Anderson “the Spider” Silva had been the most dominating fighter to hold the UFC title, until Saturday. Silva goofed around and found himself on his back with glossy eyes as Chris Weidman won the UFC title by knocking out Silva.

Weidman was a solid contender, but not many gave his a chance to leave the MGM Grand with the belt. After pushing the pace early with some takedowns, Weidman was being taunted by Silva. Silva acted like Weidman’s punches were not having any effect and Silva even motioned Weidman to “bring it on” and come at him. Weidman did just that and caught him with a left hook to end Silva’s reign in the UFC.

Confidence is a good thing. Over confidence can come back to knock you on your butt.

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