Rushville Republican

May 23, 2014

Jim Huddleston - Player of the Year

By Jim Ephlin Lines from the Lanes
Rushville Republican

---- — Hello bowling fans! This is Jim Ephlin, at the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is.

The 2013-14 season is in the books and may go down as one of the highest scoring seasons in years. Rushville bowlers recorded eleven 300 games, led by Scott Carpenter with three. There were 17 times bowlers recorded 11 in a row and just missed or we would have had quite a few more.

Even bigger was a record year for 800 series as there were seven recorded with four of them coming from Jim Huddleston.

In the 700 series category, there were 208 recorded 700s by 43 bowlers and Lou Howard led the way with 23.

Both the men and women’s house records were beat and now belong to Brittney Frazier 789 (267-266-256) and Jim Huddleston 865 (269 -299 - 297).

The annual bowling banquet was held Tuesday, May 13 to honor these individuals and announce the winners of various association awards.

The 2013-14 Senior Player of the Year went to Butch Robinson. Butch had a strong year, but it was his performance in the city championships that truly made him our winner. Butch entered the tournament with a 179 average, meaning his normal series would be 537. Butch rolled the following series: 582 - 649 - 642 - 664 – 622…OMG! Congratulations.

The 2013- 14 “Crack” Owens award is given annually to a bowler that exemplifies good sportsmanship, encouraging to others and generally someone everyone would like to have on their team. The 2013-14 winner was Cindy Smith.

Finally, the Player of the Year was announced and as every year lately, there were more than a couple of candidates. After all the statistics were evaluated, it became apparent that Jim Huddleston had risen to the top.

Jim was the winner of this year’s King of the Hill tourney. He also won a No Tap tourney in March, fired sixteen 700 series, four 800 series, two 300 games, went 11 in a row four times and had the high average in the association with a 231.6 average and broke the 23-year-old house record. WOW! Congratulations, Jim.

We are currently seeking one more team for our Thursday Night No Tap league. A fun league where bowlers are given strikes for 9 or 10 pins knocked down on the first ball. New this year is that if the bowler’s average is below 145, they will also get strikes for 8 pins knocked down on the first ball. Looking for a few 300 games on Thursday nights this summer.

The other league we offer is also open to men and women. It is a singles league and solves the problem for people who might want to bowl but don’t have a team. YOU ARE YOUR OWN TEAM. This is a handicap league that bowls three games. It is perfect for the person that wants to stay with the game in the off season. You can stay tuned and continue to work on picking up that pesky 10 pin during the summer.

We have a unique point system in that you get a point for every person you score higher than. In Game # 1 if you beat 24 people in a 25 person league, you get 24 points for that game. In game # 2 you beat 10 people out of 25, you get 15 points. This league will give you the ability to go very high in the standings one week or very low in the standings the next week. We have run this league twice so far and it has been very popular.

You can sign up by calling the center (932-5389) or go to and sign up on the web page.