Rushville Republican

May 2, 2014

House records fall

By Jim Ephlin Lines from the Lanes
Rushville Republican

---- — Hello bowling fans! This is Jim Ephlin, from the Rushville Bowl, where all the action is.

The month of April has been fantastic as the lanes have been on fire and I`m here to report today on new house records.

The first is the ladies house record held by and broke the last two times by Brittney Frazier. On March 12, Brittney rolled 250 - 236 - 278 for a 764 series which broke her own and became the best ever. On April 9 with Brittney rolling her last series at Rushville Bowl because of her moving to Tennessee, Brittney fired 267 - 266 - 256 for a 789 series. She could have doubled in the 10th frame of her last game to reach an 800 series but left a pocket 4-9 split. That is going to be one tough record for a lady to beat. Why it may last 24 years or so.

I use that number because the men’s record also got broken this past April. A record that had stood the test of time, technology, better balls and lane machines for 23 years.

In 1991, Ken Howard put together a monumental night rolling 267 - 279 - 296 for 842. Some unconventional math will tell you that there were over 250,000 tries to beat it but no ever did. That is until April 29, 2014 on lanes 3 and 4 when Jim Huddleston went 269 - 299 - 297 for 865. Jim struck on 32 out of 36 tries and hit 29 out of last 31.

That was Jim`s fourth 800+ series this bowling season which is another record he will hold. He finished the Mon Trio league with a 231.67 average also a new record. I always feel so lucky that I have been present for almost every major achievement that has happened at Rushville Bowl. Kind of like a historian if you will.

We want to congratulate the winners of the end of the year association tournaments.

In the Todd Funeral Centre Shootout, Adam Buckley defeated Blake Norris to win the title. In the King of the Hill tournament, Jim Huddleston defeated Rusty Bayless 277-265 for one heck of a final.

The Indiana USBC BA Championships to continue to run in Muncie. A look at the leader board shows Doug Tompkins/Todd Howard currently in 13th place in the state in handicap doubles.

Congrats to Rushville Florists of the Coffee Bowl and Main Street Theads in the Ladies Rec for winning league titles. Bowling for Rushville Florist were Sue Baker, Jenny Turner, Ann Hoskins, Betty Wyatt and Eva Miller. Main Street Threads consist of Barbara Sembach, Jessica Vaughn, Ann Matlock and Michelle Scott.

In the three prime time leagues, Bunge and Greensburg Sears will bowl for the championship. On Wednesday, the first place spot is wrapped up by Bunge and on Thursday Winters Dentistry has claimed the crown.