Rushville Republican

January 25, 2013

Times continue to improve for swimmers

Aaron Kirchoff
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Rushville’s swim team finished third against Hagerstown and Eastern Hancock Wednesday, but the improvement continues to be seen.

Stone Worth won the diving event for the Lions with a point total of 136.65. Katie Egielske took second for the Lady Lions with 138.45.

The Lions’ 200 medley relay team of Sam Cole, Jacob Fowler, Worth and Evan Messer set a personal best of 2:20.59 for second. For the Lady Lions, the team of Courtney Hall, Brenna Hall, Abby Clark and Autumn Meece took fourth in 2:43.54 and the team of Megan Clifton, Riko Itakura, Gabriela Camacho and Shelbie Brown finished fifth in 3:20.65.

Dalton Miller took second place for the Lions in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:20.15. For the girls, Courtney Hall took fourth in a personal best 2:550.98 and Michaela Colestock was fifth in 3:24.34.

Brenna Hall finished fourth in the 200 individual medley in 3:28.47 with Clark fifth in 3:33.19.

In the 50 freestyle, Meece was third in :33.79 with Allison Wainwright fourth in :36.38. For the Lions, Fowler finished fifth in :29.14 and Evan Messer was sixth in a personal best :29.62.

Wainwright returned to take fourth in the 100 freestyle in 1:21.27. For the Lions, Messer was fourth in 1:12.69 with Cole fifth in 1:13.91.

In the 500 freestyle, Miller took second for the Lions in 6:39.36. For the girls, Clark was fourth in 8:09.89 with Colestock fifth in 9:11.73.

The 200 freestyle relay, the team of Wainwright, Courtney Hall, Itakura and Camacho took fourth in 2:35.95 with the team of Sarah Daubenspeck, Colestock, Nici Martin and Brown finished fifth in 3:04.14. For the Lions, the team of Fowler, Cole, Worth and Dalton set a personal best 1:57.78 to finish third.

In the 100 backstroke, Courtney Hall was fourth in 1:31.76 and Megan Clifton was sixth in 2:05.16. Cole took third for the Lions in a personal best 1:16.69.

Rushville had three personal best in the 100 breaststroke. Brenna Hall finished third in a personal best 1:25.65 with Itakura fifth in a personal best 1:35.60. For the Lions, Worth took fourth in 1:21.69 and Fowler was sixth in a personal best 1:26.81.

The Lady Lions’ 400 freestyle relay team of Clark, Wainwright, Meece and Brenna Hall finished second with a personal best 5:28.45 and the team of Colestock, Martin, Brown and Itakura was fourth in 6:24.54.

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