Rushville Republican

November 30, 2012

Indians sweep RCHS in pool

Aaron Kirchoff
Rushville Republican

RUSHVILLE — Milan - The RCHS swim teams traveled to Milan as the boys opened the regular season and the girls competed in the third meet of the year. Milan won the team title for the boys 84-74. For the girls, the Lady Indians defeated the Lady Lions 128-28.

In the 200 medley relay, the Lady Lions’ team of Courtney Hall, Brenna Hall, Abby Clark and Autumn Meece took third in 2:43.47. The team of Megan Clifton, Michaela Colestock, Gabriela Camacho and Riko Itakura finished fifth in 3:32.83. For the Lions, the team of Sam Cole, Barry Denton-Nickolas, Stone Worth and Evan Messer finished second in 2:29.69.

Rachel Sayman was fourth in the 200 freestyle in 3:22.98 followed by Courtney Hall in fifth with a personal best 3:24.08.

Dalton Miller won the 200 freestyle for the Lions with a time of 2:25.27. Austin Greer was third in 2:39.97.

In the 200 individual medley, Clark was third in 3:35.44 and Brenna Hall was fourth in a personal best 3:43.81. For the Lions, Worth was second in 2:56.66.

In the 50 freestyle, Meece was third (:34.95, personal best) followed by Camacho (:40.38) and Nici Martin sixth (:43.09). For the boys, Caleb Marsden finished second in :30.44 followed by Denton-Nickolas third in :30.64 and Messer fifth in :33.09.

Sayman returned to take third in the 100 freestyle in 1:17.71. Colestock was fifth in a personal best 1:33.87 and Shelbie Brown was sixth in 1:53.42. Worth finished second for the boys in 1:06.34 with Marsden fourth in 1:14.33 and Cole was fifth in 1:19.82.

Clark was fourth in the tough 500 freestyle with a personal best time of 8:15.20. Miller won the race for the boys in 6:47.03 followed by Jacob Fowler second in 7:17.45 and Greer was third in 7:49.39.

The Lady Lion 200 freestyle relay team of Brenna Hall, Sayman, Itakura and Meece finished second in 2:29.82 and the team of Martin, Sarah Daubenspeck, Brown and Clifton finished fifth in 3:20.08. The Lions’ team of Denton-Nickolas, Fowler, Miller and Worth took first in 1:56.65 and the team of Marsden, Cole, Messer and Greer took third in 2:10.02.

In the 100 backstroke, Courtney Hall took third in a personal best 1:36.67 followed by Clifton in a personal best 2:04.49 and Camacho in 2:13.60. For the Lions, Cole was second in 1:40.44 and Messer was fifth in 2:17.29.

Brenna Hall placed third in the 100 breaststroke in a personal best 1:31.48 followed by Itakura fourth in 1:47.91 and Colestock sixth in 1:53.31. For the boys, Fowler was second in 1:30.08 and Denton-Nickolas was fourth in 1:30.37.

In the final event of the evening, the 400 freestyle relay team of Clark, Sayman, Courtney Hall and Colestock finished third in 5:51.97 with the team of Martin, Brown, Itakura and Camacho fifth in 7:24.57. For the Lions, the team of Miller, Greer, Fowler and Marsden finished first in 4:36.95.

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